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Why I Chose Tropic Skincare

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I have worked in many salons and spas and with a large variety of different skincare brands. I have always preferred the natural and essential oil rich products, as I have oily skin and hate the feeling of greasy, oily skin left after many products. If a product contains more natural ingredients it absorbs better into the skin, rather than synthetic versions that sit on the skin and imitate a soft and hydrated appearance. Bottom line is the more your product disappears the better, as its actually reaching many layers of the skin, instead of just the upper top layer, that sheds daily. (More about that another day)

When I tried Tropic products this was one of the first thing I noticed immediately, my skin felt like it had been nourished without the need to blot my skin afterwards, even after a serum and a moisturizer.

When choosing a salon brand I wanted to ensure I didn't have to purchase an entire cupboard of products, as I hate to watch good products sit and waste on a shelf. I have worked in some spas that try and sell products just because they are reaching there sell by date, which I feel shouldn't be the focus, but what the client actually needs. Tropic makes all their products FRESH in a magical kitchen here in Surrey, UK by a team of experts that create to order and demand and all have a 6-12 month use by date. So everything you purchase does need to be ordered but you know it has been made within weeks of your purchase date. This sounded a perfect compliment to a salon facial, I still get to use these incredible products and people can purchase online or in salon when and if needed.

Of course I was unsure of what it means to be a Tropic Ambassador, so reached out to fellow therapist in the industry on Instagram, @therapiesbyvictoria, to ask how she found using it within the salon and how she incorporates it within her treatments. She was ever so helpful and clearly a great ambassador who knew and love her products.

After hearing that it was THE inspirational Susie Ma from the Apprentice, that I remember watching many years ago that was the mastermind behind Tropic I was hooked, I knew that Tropic Skincare was the brand I wanted and decided that same day to become a Independent Tropic Brand Ambassador.

Since joining the company I can definitely see why it is one of the fastest growing businesses for three years running and here are a few even more exciting reasons I love Tropic;

- Carbon Negative Company (give more to the environment than they remove)

- Certified as CRUELTY-FREE

- Vegan and all natural products

- MULTI Award winning

- Every £50 funds one school day for the United World Schools and empowering over 30,000 children in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal

- Comes in unscented versions to ensure everyone can use products even the most sensitive

- Made fresh and created in the UK

- Can order online or through therapist making it even easier

- Can have delivered to therapist meaning you dont have to wait in for delivery

- Awe-inspiring entrepreneur at the centre

- Bright and colourful labels, yet clean and fresh looking bottles - professional look and feel

- Reasonable Priced with a cleanser and free bamboo cloth at just £18

- Pamper parties with hostess gifts available

I cannot WAIT for you to try these products, I offer either an Express Facial - including a cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask, 30 minutes at £20 or a Luxury Facial with a relaxing shoulder, head and face massage included for 1 hour at £30.

All my luxury treatments are within my tranquil 2nd floor studio within Twenty21One Hair salon within Bridgwater High street.

You can book these treatments online here and view the entire range of tropic skincare on my personal ambassador website here.

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