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Top 5 at Home Self Care Ideas

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

With the salons remaining closed for at least the next 6 weeks I thought I would give my 5 best ways to bring the pampering to you with some at home self care ideas.

1. Bath oils

Sometimes a self care treat can be as simple as a long soak in a hot bath. The warmth of the water can help soothe tired and aching muscles, whilst also cleansing the skin. You can add different lotions and oils to the bath, because no matter our age we all love a bubble bath, but also added essential oils can help hydrate the skin.

Some bath oils contain ingredients like chamomile, rose or lavender, that can calm your body and mind, but also help give a well needed state of relaxation. Others can contain sweet orange or grapefruit to help reinvigorate the body or re-energise the mind.

Added Tip: Practice a few deep breathing techniques whilst soaking, to help inhale the scents and calm the body.

Tropic Recommendation: So Sleepy Bath Foam that has all 3 and more relaxing oils that can aid super relaxation for the body and mind. £18 SHOP HERE


2. DIY Pedicure

Our feet go through alot day to day, but can be a neglected part of the body. A mini at home pedicure can have you walking on air in no time.

Starting with a foot soak in a large bowl of warm water can help soften hard skin and ease tense muscles. Follow with a pumi bar or foot file to remove unwanted dry skin and finishing with a thick hydrating moisturiser. Products with eucalyptus or peppermint are great for helping the feet feel fresh and cool.

Added Tip: Put on cotton socks after your moisturiser to help keep them warm and aid product absorption.

Tropic Recommendation: Walk on the Beach Collection has all three essential at home products with the ocean fizz for a refreshing soak, foot pebble for dry skin and the ever popular repairing foot remedy to truly nourish your neglected feet. £22 for the collection. SHOP HERE


3. Full Body Exfoliation

Before using any moisturiser, you must always exfoliate off any dead skin cells to gain maximum benefit in keeping the skin soft.

A full body scrub can be super invigorating and give you a great sense of renewal. Most types are made with sugar and oil, that gently buffs the skins top layer and slough off any loose skin cells. By using circular paced movements, this will encourage the stimulation of blood flow to the area, which in turn will help nourish the skin and ease tense muscles.

Added Tip: Stand inside the bath or on a towel for easy clean up of the exfoliant.

Tropic Recommendation: Award-winning and founding product to the Tropic Skicare Range, Body Smooth. The prefect blend of oils and scrub to give the best finished result and have the skin feeling highly hydrated, nourished and fresh. £24 SHOP HERE


4. Mini facial

A facial is my favourite treatment to have in the salon and although not quite the same, a DIY version can give lots of the same benefits.

Not just the basic cleanse and exfoliation, but adding in a facial massage and mask can bring added luxury. You can use a facial moisturiser or oil and use long upward strokes to help soothe tense facial muscles and promote collagen and elastin. Making the skin warmer and more supple can mean your face mask will be better absorbed and more beneficial.

Added Tip: Follow my DIY Facial Massage Routine to help give some routine to your massage.

Tropic Recommendation: My favourite Tropic product is the Super Green Nutrient Boost Oil, with broccoli, kale and avocado oils this is truly feeding the skin from the outside and is great for repairing and soothing for all skin types. £42 SHOP HERE


5. Scalp massage

Let's be honest if we could have someone else wash and massage our hair daily we would. But its not to say you can't make this daily task a bit more relaxing. When cleansing your hair use deep relaxing movements to not only throughly cleanse the scalp but also stimulate hair growth.

Be sure to use open hand movements and let the fingertips do most of the work, with small or large circles massage into the scalp. Also stroking up from the forehead and across the head, can feel super relaxing or even small circles to the base of your hairline. All movements should feel comfortable so don't apply too much pressure.

Added Tip: Add on a hair mask or coat your hair in oils before a DIY scalp massage can also nourish the skin and hair. Be sure to leave on for the best results and rinse off well afterwards.

Trppic Recommendation: For when doing it yourself seems too much, Tropic have a great scalp massager that is gentle and comfortable to use and minimal effort to use. £8 SHOP HERE

Get in touch if you have any questions on the Tropic Collections. I look forward to welcoming you back to Hayley's Beauty Studio very soon. All Tropic Products can be purchased from me directly or from my Shop here

Happy Pampering!


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