Covid Secure Guidelines


➡️ Rearrange your appointment if you or someone you live with are unwell or showing any symptoms.

➡️ Rearrange your appointment if you or your family have had a COVID test and are awaiting the results.
➡️ Arrive alone where possible and only at your appointment time.
➡️ Please come to the back entrance of Twenty21One - accessed in St Mary's Church Courtyard.
➡️ Call the doorbell next to Hayleys Beauty Studio sign when you arrive.
➡️ Wear a mask for the duration of the appointment, let us know if you are medically exempt on booking.
➡️ Bring minimal belongings and place them in client basket provided.
➡️ Wash or sanitize hands prior to commencement of treatment.
➡️ Pay in card where possible, or have the exact cash available.
➡️ You are welcome to bring in any refreshments with you in takeaway cups. I can provide bottled water for refreshment.

➡️ Use NHS Track and Trace QR Code, if using the Smartphone App or ensure contact details are correct at appointment time for Track and Trace.

Hayley's Beauty Studio;

➡️ To be client ready for your appointment time.
➡️ Using as many disposable consumables as required; but to use sustainable washable materials if possible.
➡️ Change all towels that have been in contact with the client after every treatment
➡️ Greet you at the back entrance to the salon once doorbell has been rung.
➡️ Wear correct PPE required for each treatment.
➡️ Take client contact information for track and trace.

➡️ Display NHS Track and Trace App Scan QR Code for client use, but Contact details taken to back up the use of the App.
➡️ Clean and disinfect client basket after each appointment.
➡️ Carry out treatments safely whilst adhering to all government guidance.
➡️ Clean and disinfect all surfaces, card machine and consultation clipboard after each client and at the end of each day.
➡️ Wash and sanitise hands before, during and after each appointment.
➡️ Supply hand sanitizer for clients to use before, during and after each appointment.
➡️ Disinfect all hot spot areas between clients including the communal toilets.
➡️ Ensuring all appointments are booked in advance.
➡️ Every appointment has an additional 15 minutes added to ensure we have enough time to clean after every appointment and no client arrives as the other leaves.

We have been given government guidelines that are updated regularly and you can view this via the button below.

We are keeping up to date with all information to stay COVID secure at all times. We ask with your co-operation to keep us and yourselves as safe whilst still offering the same treatments and time out you deserve. Please bear with us as we work with these guidelines and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause or last minute appointment changes especially during the busy december month.