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My Journey as a Beauty Therapist

A bit about me My name is Hayley and I’m the owner of Hayley's Beauty Studio. Outside of the studio, I’m a mum of two; my daughter Marnie, aka my three year old mini me  going on 13 (sure to be a regular client of mine) and my son Jesse, aka my one year old spiderman who likes to keep me on my toes.

I live with my fiancee, Arron and our two Jack Russell crossbreeds; Buster and Milo. So with a busy home life, I love that I have now created my own little escape - Hayley's Beauty Studio and hope you come to find it as tranquil as I already do.

World Skills: Where it all began After completing two years of my Beauty Therapy apprenticeship, my life went from 0 to 60 in the blink of eye when I was selected in 2010 to be part of Squad UK alongside three other top beauty therapists. We joined over 70 other young people from almost 50 trades and sectors and we would compete to become the only one of each skill to compete internationally as Team UK at the World Skills Competition. We had just started a journey of intense training and competition coaching that I could never have anticipated. This included regularly travelling across the country, from Brighton for Advanced Facial training with Carlton Professional, to the next week having competition endurance training with a performance coach at Brathay in the Lake District. As my friends spent their years after college in University or going out on the tiles, I spent mine with a busy training schedule travelling hundreds of miles and even got to attend celebration ceremonies at Buckingham Palace! It was one of the hardest times and yet one the BEST times of my life. I met the most incredible and inspiring people and without this journey I don't think I would be the passionate and hard working person I am today, as I truly found out that any dream you may have can be achieved. I knew this as I stood in the London Excel Arena on 5th October 2011 as the number one UK representative for Beauty Therapy. I competed for four days and was awarded a Medallion of Excellence in recognition of my work. It was an honour after competing against 21 of the best beauty therapists from all over the world.

Since 2011, I have worked as a Workshop Supervisor at World Skills Leipzig in 2013, where I was responsible for setting up the competition floor and ensuring the stand and competition went off without a hitch. I had three incredible weeks in Germany for the World Skills competition and was even awarded a medal in recognition of my hard work and dedication I gave to that role. I was invited back to do the same role again for World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017, but a well-awaited pregnancy made me opt out of this position.

I am so proud of how much I achieved in those years after qualifying as a therapist and sometimes still can’t quite believe it!

From Salons and Spas to Teaching

Following on from World Skills and some stints in Spas and Salons across Bristol and Somerset, my career accelerated down a different path when I was head hunted for an Assessors position at Weston College. This eventually led me to gaining a full time lecturers’ position in 2015, after graduating with a teaching degree. I love teaching and it is and will continue to be a passion of mine, to not only practice my skill but to teach it to others. I have seen and taught many successful therapists, including apprentices who now have their own businesses and students who have gone on to win national medals; a highlight of my time as lecturer.

Starting a family and dreaming big After having my daughter in 2017, then my son in 2019 and being on maternity leave from the college, I had the sudden realisation as I saw two bright eyed babies watch every move I make, that I wanted to make my own mark on the industry I loved so much and to show my kids that any dream is possible if you are willing to work for it. I also wasn’t sure I could return to the students and tell them about this exciting sector anymore without being back in the driving seat myself. So after maternity leave, I started back doing treatments for a salon in Taunton after feeling mildly nervous about running with a full column again. But these past months have made me realise once again of my passion and incredible desire to do well in this brilliant industry and when the opportunity arose in Twenty21One for a beauty room to rent in Bridgwater High Street, that I had spent many years working in and to be alongside a great team of inspiring professionals... I couldn't really say no.

Starting Hayley’s Beauty Studio

So here I am today pouring all of my training, experiences and passion into one little studio to create a place that every client who walks through the door, comes out with the experience and treatment they deserve. As we are a luxury service sector and some like to call us 'non-essential' but to anyone who has or had treatments, know that these small little life perks can make a day, a week or even a year.

It’s a great experience to be the client and we all come for different reasons; whether you have a leg wax that makes you embrace your new dress, lash extensions that give you some confidence for a job interview or just a back massage to give you 30 minutes rest without a small person asking for a snack. We all deserve the best treatment possible when we part with our hard-earned cash and I want everyone to feel it was well worth their money after a visit to Hayley's Beauty Studio. It's also why I have online booking to make the client experience even easier.

You can read more about my journey and see which qualifications I hold here on my webpage. You can also read the latest press release on my new place here.

I cannot wait to meet you soon,


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