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My Advice to a Lockdown Bride

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

2020 seemed the perfect year for a wedding... start of a new decade and new beginnings...easy to remember how many years you have been married... and the start of this year seemed to hold a lot of reflection and promise.

Fast forward 8 months and who could have predicted what we would have experienced during lockdown and all the unexpected events that have happened this year. This teamed with an also unpredictable future ahead of us and no one really knowing what 'normal' will look like again?!

But with all the odd times there was a small glimmer of hope... weddings could resume from saturday 4th july. For many of us we had just assumed our day would not happen and were preparing ourselves for the worst outcome, of a rescheduled wedding date. Of course these new ceremonies came with some rules and guidelines to make them covid secure. Which did come with some saddening news that we couldnt have all of our loved ones with us on our special day, but I have seen many innovative ways people have tackled this with video calls and social distancing parties, that brought small joy to many peoples special days.

After being a lockdown bride and having to cancel my reception plans and slim down to just witnesses for my ceremony, I too felt the full effect of a COVID-19 wedding. Although I was just very pleased to actually have my wedding day and not have to change to a new date altogether. So here is some of what I learnt as a lockdown bride and hope it may help or bring comfort to another going through a COVID-19 wedding.

  • Embrace your day - Many brides from the spring didnt even have the option to have a wedding. Be thankful you didnt have to change the day. Coronavirus has taken many things from many people, but it didnt take your wedding date.

  • Dont let others ruin your day - With a limited guest list you may have had to cull many family and friends that felt they should have been on your main list. But you must remember, and if needed; remind them, it had to change and you have to do what is right for you. Let's be honest it's a great wedding tradition to annoy someone with your choice of something on YOUR day.

  • Embrace the minimalist approach - if lockdown has taught us anything, its that life is unexpected, as long as you and your fiancee are there, this is actually all you need to get married....well maybe some rings and your own pen.

  • Take in how exclusive and special the ceremony is - only a few people will be present at this very special event, really be in this moment and remember it for all it is and know that it is even more special for the people in the room sharing it with you. These will be the only people you can remember it with, its private, special and unique all at once.

  • Enjoy the part of history you will become - In years to come they will describe what is was like to be a bride in the midst of a pandemic and how among everything in the world, love prevailed and this is something you can share with many generations to come.

  • Have a staycation - many honeymoons will have been cancelled or postponed, but make sure you mark this occasion with even just a night away or week somewhere in the UK. You deserve your night and your memories... the Caribbean cruise will be there in years to come too.

  • Plan your 1 year wedding anniversary - with the hope that in 1 year we may have some sort of normality back, start planning how you want to spend your 1 year wedding anniversary. Either a holiday with family or the big reception you couldnt have this year. This can give you something to look forward to and focus on.

  • Most of all enjoy this day - you wont get this day back but the memory of either misery or joy will live on for many years to come.

  • Treat Yourself - Most weddings come with a big budget attached, minimal guests means a lower price tag, use this money to treat yourself. It may be having that expensive lipstick or that overpriced handbag, because you deserve to feel as special as you possibly can.

To help with this last one, I am offering all 2020 lockdown brides who have had to cancel, rearrange or alter there wedding this year a special discount of 40% off a treatment with me in my high street beauty studio in Bridgwater, Somerset. In the hope that I can help you feel like the special bride you are and deserve to be.

This could be some lashes for the big day, a french gel polish to compliment the rings you have or just a massage to de-stress the bridal jitters.

Please get in touch today and tell me how you have had to adjust to a new wedding experience and see which treatment you would like to book in! Or if you know a bride that deserves a special treat, message to book and pay for this for them.

You can contact me via facebook or Instagram or email me at

Sending all the best wishes for your day of marriage, one bride to another 🎀

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