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Do I need a Patch Test for Eyelash Extensions?

The controversial question many clients and Lash technicians have is; do you need a patch test for Eyelash Extensions?

With lots of media attention on the adverse effects of not patch testing, especially for Tint and henna on the eyebrows and face. It is sure to make many people nervous about completing a patch test on something as sensitive as glue around the eyes.

To ease any worries regarding the Eyelash glue, all adhesives used by professional Lash technicians have to be EU approved and have to be safe to use around the eyes. I use Lashbase Extreme Plus that is made in the UK and NOT tested on animals.

I use the Lashbase Extreme Plus adhesive which is a lower viscosity (thinner) enabling it to flow around the lash quicker and more thoroughly. It has a fast drying time and still has very strong long lasting retention with a lower odour and very small amount of fume.

When applying eyelash adhesive you only dip the very tip of the eyelash into a very small bead of glue, which is also only placed onto the base of the natural lash, without touching the skin of the eyelid. This means the glue will not come into contact with skin, making any patch test where you test the glue on the crease of your elbow or behind the ear, not a worthy representative of the treatment you would receive.

Being a glue and containing cyanoacrylate means there is inevitably fumes emitted from the adhesive which can irritate the eyes. We as Lash technicians are taught to help reduce these fumes by using only the amount of glue necessary, curing any old glue that is near the eyes to stop any excess fumes and to use correct ventilation methods during treatment. Obviously the more glue you use, by adding more and more lashes to the eyes, the fumes get stronger. So when patch testing the glue by applying a few lashes to the eyes can give some insight on whether you could react, it is not a clear measure on whether you will react when exposed to more adhesive and over an hour application time.

Overall it is hard to test whether you would have a reaction to eyelash glue, unless you actually have the full treatment done; and this interesting article from lashbase on there new guidelines - - state that eyelash allergies are cumulative and you are more likely to react after having the treatment done multiple times rather than the first treatment; so the answer in my professional opinion is NO, you dont need a patch test before testing and thankfully the manufacturer I use - Lashbase - also agree and dont recommend it unless you have overly sensitive eyes, to which you would test by placing a few on each eye so you have the best idea of knowing, instead of applying glue to the skin.

Here at Hayley's Beauty Studio we will not require a patch test unless the client requests one, although we have included on our consultation forms information regarding the risks that come with Lash extensions and whether the client agrees to risks, that unfortunately cant be known to a full extent without the treatment taking place.

Of course as a professional equipped to deal with contra-actions that appear during treatment, if at any time the client experienced too much discomfort or irritation we can promptly remove all lashes and glue and if required use an eyewash to aid the removal too.

I hope this eases any concerns regarding eyelash adhesive and feel free to comment below or contact me with any further Eyelash Extensions questions or appointments in bridgwater.

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