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9 Reasons why I live and love Beauty Therapy

To mark the 9 year anniversary of my Worldskills London Competition in 2011, I thought I would share with you my 9 reasons why I LIVE and LOVE Beauty Therapy!

1. Spreading happiness to every client The joy to make a client feel special - even something as simple as a nail paint, adding some bright colours to boost their mood. I also think it's important for me to be the client every once in a while and visit other therapists to remember the joy of pampering yourself.

2. Boosting people's confidence This is definitely one of the best reasons why I do my job and why I love it so much. High self-esteem and confidence is so important for both our mental and physical wellbeing. A moment I cherish was when I spray tanned a women who had recently had a double mastectomy after battling breast cancer. She was overjoyed and felt that tan gave her the confidence boost she needed to enjoy her summer holiday. Moments like these I will never forget.

3. Inspiring other Therapists Those small little hints and tips you pick up from every year of experience, helps you improve yourself, but also help out new therapists. My time as a Beauty Lecturer was another professional high of mine, to watch your own learners excel and go on to have their own salons and success, is just inspiring.

Me teaching a lash workshop at Weston College

4. Attention to Detail I love how much focus is put into the little small touches that can be the difference between a good treatment and a great treatment. I am constantly trying new little innovative ways to give that to all my treatments, some work well and some I dont keep, but I will never stop adding that attention to detail.

5. Problem-solving for Clients Nothing can be better than finding a solution to problem a client has been suffering from. From

dry cuticles to getting confidence-destroying breakouts under control, without medication. Every client is so different and it can be so rewarding to help find a treatment, which can deliver amazing results.

6. My passion being my career I count my blessings everyday to know that I have found my passion, calling and love all in Beauty Therapy and give my all to the industry I love so much. I'm lucky to say I feel I've never worked a day in my life. It's why my husband has to constantly remind me I'm a business woman, otherwise I dont think I would charge anyone!

Me receiving my Worldskills UK Enamel - awarded to all UK competitors who have competed as part of Team UK in Worldskills

7. Continual Professional Development This part for me is what I always spend alot of time on. During my training for Worldskills I was taught to reflect and improve, I now find it automatic to do this in every treatment and after every client. It's also important to remember self-worth and not being too critical. I am proud of what I have achieved and the skills I have; but will never stop learning or sharpening the skills I have. 8. Promoting selfcare Never could we dream of a time like we are currently living today, but I am proud to be in an industry driving the self care that people desperately need at the moment. To know that people can confide in you when it all gets a bit much or just float away, even if just for an hour, sometimes can be all it can take. It is why I call myself a BEAUTY THERAPIST as sometimes the therapist name is much truer than you can imagine.

9. Great sense of community You feel apart of something greater when you delve into the beauty community. I love to surround myself with like-minded people to share wisdom and support success.

Myself with all the other beauty therapists competitors from all world at Worldskills London 2011.

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