🌸 Gel Manicure - £24

File, Cuticles, Gel Finish and Moisturise 

🌸 Soak off and Gel Manicure - £26

Removal, File, Cuticles, Gel Finish and Moisturise 

🌸 Soak Off and Nail Care - £14

Removal, File, Buff and Moisturise 

🌸 !NEW! Princess File & Paint* - £5

Children's paint application

🌸 !NEW! Tween Gel Manicure* - £15

File, Gel Finish and Moisturise


🌸 Gel Pedicure - £25

File, Soak, Hard Skin, Cuticles, Exfoliate and Gel Finish

🌸 Luxury Gel Pedicure - £30

File, Soak, Hard Skin,  Cuticles, Exfoliate, Gel Finish, Foot Mask, Hot Booties and Foot Massage

🌸 !NEW! - Treat Your Feet - £22

Soak, Hard Skin, Exfoliation, Foot Mask, Hot Booties, Foot Massage

You can also have Nail Art onto the Treatment included in your charge and choose from the designs in my colour book.

I also include Builder Base Gel as standard with all my manicures for added wear and protection.

We use the well renowned IBD Just Gel Polish that is a 100% true gel, with an adaptable formula which applies smoothly like a polish with the durability of gel. This brand has a vast range of colours for you to find the perfect choice for your fingers and toes.


FAQ for Nails

# Do I need to remove what is on my nails before coming for an appointment?
Traditional Nail paint we can remove during the treatment as part of a manicure or pedicure and it doesn't require extra time. It can be a good idea to apply some nail strengthener or normal polish/clear coat before treatment to try and help avoid nail peeling or splitting prior to your treatment.

Although if you have gel polish from a previous application, just add on a 'soak off' to ensure we have enough time to correctly remove before reapplication of gel or before we start the manicure.

# Can I remove my gel polish from home?
Yes you can remove this from home see the instructions below or speak to Hayley to ensure you understand the correct method for removal as it can be easy to damage the nail plate or surrounding skin during a soak off.

# Can you soak off my acrylic or gel nail extensions before my treatment?
The technical answer to this question is yes but I strongly encourage you to revisit your nail technician for removal of an extension as there is many different brands and products available it can sometimes take an electric nail file or specific product to safely remove them. Dont hesitate to ask our advice if you are stuck on soak off choices.

# Can I have more than one colour?
Of course we encourage creative and personal nail choices. Accent nails and rainbow choices are more popular than ever before. Speak to Hayley if there is a specific look you wish to achieve to see if she has the correct colour choices and tools to recreate this for you.


What you will need;
1. Acetone        2. Cotton pads   3.Nail File and/or Buffer       4.Nail/ Cuticle Oil    5.Tin Foil - cut into squares  

1. Buff the very top layer of the gel and lightly file around the free edge of the nail plate  

2. Ensure all shine is removed  

3. Soak a cotton pad in acetone  

4. Place on top of the gel polish and wrap over tin foil to hold in place  

5. Add this to all or just one hand  

6. Leave on for at least 10-20 minutes  7. Remove foil and cotton pad from nails  

8. Buff the nail plate to remove any excessive residue   

9. Wash hands to remove traces of acetone   

10. Apply nail oil all over nails and hand cream if needed.

Gel Polish can be a protective cover over your nail plate, you may wish to cut down, file or apply a strengthening nail polish to avoid any breakages.
You can have this done professionally within the salon for £10 including nail care or an additional £2 when gel finish reapplied.